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ok. i am still in shock from last night... i didnt realize that i could ever be so happy.

U2 show, FIRST ROW, got one of Edge's picks, MET FUCKING LARRY MULLEN JR (the drummer) and got a thumbs up from Bono :)

^ my thumbs up from Bono :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) .... there are not enough smilies to express my feelings....

^ i know i look like shiet but that was 1:00am and so we had been at the UC for 13 hours, (we got there around noon). standing out in the 92 degree weather for 6 of those hours. I CANT FUCKING BELIEVE IT  dreams actually can come true :) ....Bono is next ;)

and now for your personal enjoyment, some of the pics i took last night :)

^ Bono and Adam

^Bono and Adam..again ;)

^ yes that is the Edge RIGHT in front of me....nothing between us but a rail lol

^ another Edge pic

^ all four guys... now my desktop wallpaper :)

^ here is what we call Badass Bono

^ and here is Business Bono, or as we know him ONE campaign(sp?) bono ;)

well i wont bore the hell out of all you guys anymore so thats all the pics for now. :) words cannot express how excited i am right now, and yes i already know that i am lame, but i dont care :)
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