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soooooo we finally have internet at the apartment. its pretty awesome out here in Glen Ellyn, we have a lot of nice people in our building...and today i met a guy who lives two doors down from us. ;) anywho, so i guess everyone is back at school now, but thats ok bc i start wed. i think... i still have to register tho, LOL! omg, that reminded me...last night around 11ish pete and i were in the kitchen doin stuff and in the building right next to us there was an old guy right by his window... NAKED! it was so gross cuz he was old and fat, lol.

side note... i finally have realized where the melting pot is... i pass there everyday now for work, lol. when some of u come back from school for break and all we should go there. :)

and... thats about it for now i guess. without having the internet for so long im kinda used to not being on it and get bored easily. :P

hope all is well.

...i think im going to start signing my name as 'S' that would be amazing.

side note 2...im using the moodthingy and i clicked impressed for the hell of it...thats not impressed... that pink ball of love is a bastard. i can do impressed better than that!

which gives me an idea... i can make my own moodtheme using my pics, LOL!


im SO very sorry if you read any of this.
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