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Summer Wine

Posted on 2006.05.02 at 16:17
Current Location: K2N Crest, Oak Brook, IL
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Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring....
My summer wine is really made from all these things

1st, the new Pearl Jam CD is pretty good. The 1st half is the hard core PJ, then the 2nd 1/2 is the slower stuff.... it's a good mix of old PJ and new PJ, I like it :) 15 more days til the show!!

2nd, I registered for summer classes last night... here's what I'm taking

--Management Supervision
--Computer Information Systems...another fun CS class...
--Accounting... again
--Some pre-req math class

well, 17 credit hours, 5 classes, + 40 hours of work per week. im going to cry..or die...we'll see which comes first.

im SOOOOOOOOOO sad that im done with all my architecture classes... *cries* i love the people and the teachers and now *poof* I won't get to see them again after May 16th. *tear* I am seriously bummed out about this.

oh I'm also terrified of Physics, btw. but I can't drop it cuz this is the final streach... NO room for error.

I'll be happy with a 3.0... actually, I really don't care about the GPA... as long as I get the degree then run away to SIUE.

Math test tonight, then Arch class... final project stuff.

You guys probably won't be seeing much of me this summer, we'll see how things go. :(

t-minus 2 months 'til I move home, YAY


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