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quick update...

Posted on 2006.05.10 at 09:56
Current Location: work
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Current Music: Torture Me//Chili Peppers
So... 1st Mother's Day plans: Thus far includes a trip downtown to the Sky Deck in the Sears tower, then dinner at a really way too expensive restuarant, where Jake and I will give her the Swarovski necklace we bought for her. I'm excited :D

In other news, the new album, Stadium Arcadium//Red Hot Chili Peppers --> fabulous.

....next week, Math final on Monday, Arch final on Tues, then PEARL JAM Wednesday! :D then no more classes til May 30th! haha wow.

In other, other news, I might shoot myself in the face if some of my co-workers keep acting like idiots...it's just causing unecessary stress for me and everyone else.  We are trying to get a fairly large job done by Saturday, but there is way too much mis-communication...I just spent all morning working on a drawing that we no longer need, and I wasn't told until about 10 minutes ago. :(

heh, I'm taking tomorrow off to finish my project for my steel/concrete class. yes, this will be my most relaxing day of this week, spent doing a final project due at 6:30pm. not procrastinating, just finalizing/revisions. heh, just talked to my boss, and he kinda doesn't want me to take tomorrow off.... so I can finish his job for saturday. well, I don't know what to do now, im a bit screwed at the moment. But I told him I'll get back to him at the end of the day to see where we are with this project. I can stay late friday to finish up, i dont have a problem with that. He also asked me to stay late tonight, but I said no because I have class at 6:00pm. oy. we'll see where this goes... : /

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