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my icon is teh sex//random entry.

TWO MORE DAYS.................

tonight, Math final

tomorrow night, 100% drawings due and Steel/Concrete final.

THEN 15 DAYS OF SUMMER! still have to work tho... :(

So everyone else is done with finals, right?

Why is it whenever I'm at COD I see everyone I know? er, seriously, it's crazy, almost everyone that walks by knows me, heh, what can I say, im just THAT awesome.... lol.

I've currently lost 16lbs in a month...but I'm not too proud of myself cuz I haven'y really done anything, I havent been to the gym in a while either,  what is the healthy rate to lose weight?

May 30th begins the summer of hell. and by hell, I mean  HELL

Just have to pull one more all nighter tonight, and im GOLDEN

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