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What's my problem?

I won't let myself get into a relationship.


... there's been a couple guys that have shown interest in me, and I've shown interest in them, but I won't let them get close to me.

fear? maybe. but from what? i might know. but, I guess my real question is, how do I get over this?

I let them slip away, then they move on and find another girl or whatever, and then im wondering what happened. ....but, obviously, it's my fault for that.

but why do I keep doing this even after I've figured out my actions have formed a pattern....?

Am I just too picky? 
Am I waiting for someone to come back? 
Am I not wanting to get hurt again?
(on another note, I wish I could track Darren down just to fucking punch him in the face)
Am I not wanting to be judged?


It's driving me crazy.

Why can't I just follow through with anything?

*I almost deleted this entry, a few times,. but i need to get this out there, maybe now i can sort things through.

**I might end up deleting this later.

I don't know why...
I never told you
I don't know why...
I never tried

At least I can REALLY look forward to the rest of this week, cuz I'm finally done with classes!!!! :D :D :D
...and Pearl Jam tonight!!
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