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I tried to check my grades today... but it just gave me this -->Your term GPA: 0.000
lol. ah, I dunno when they will be posted... :(

in other news, I've been super sick since .......Friday?... yea,  Friday.  this sucks.  I wish i could feel like im not dying everyday.  I haven't even gone out since then, great way to spend my week of summer break. well maybe something will be goin on tonight, or something. yea. blech.

summer classes start a week from today.

:(  <-- i feel the sad face looks more sad when italicized. lol..

at least I FINALLY get to cut back on work hours. I can't wait for that. They can suck it if they have a problem with that, being as no matter how many hours I work they will not give me sick pay or vacation time. that blows. i even had that at Target, lol. eh, i'll be vacation-less for the next 3-ish years..... and i really wish i had sick pay, cuz im sick, A LOT.

sorry, i don't mean to bitch much, but it is inevitable sometimes....

oh! jack! i have the audio from the Pearl Jam show we went to...if u want a copy just let me know :)
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