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Posted on 2006.06.29 at 18:38
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So I typed out this whole ginormous entry but I think it can just be summed up as... I REALLY HATE PEOPLE THAT ARE PRO-LIFE AND/OR HOMOPHOBIC/AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE.

ugh. got into a heated discussion with someone who is pro-life AND homophobic. I just feel sick to my stomach thinking about people who hate gays.... or think abortion is wrong.. oy. 

ok i guess i feel a bit better now. 

geez. sometimes stupid people make me angry. We need to kill all the stupid people on this planet... or maybe just conservatives. either/or will work for me.


anywho.... sorry i just felt like ranting....

so....... whats everyone's plans for the 4th? I might be able to have a bbq or something at my mom's house cuz she won't be there. let me know. please.

oh, another totally random thing, but Darren called my phone the other night... and I picked up... I never thought I could be so mean to another human being .... but it happened, and it was amazing. I had no idea i had so much hate in me for another person. I'll tell ya'll more details later on that one.

wow i just read this over and my grammer sucks.... maybe cuz i have class in 9 minutes and im trying to rush rush rush.

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