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The Official Schedule Post (TOSP) haha... lame.

ok so starting Wednesday this is my new schedule, but it might change... so...yea.

M: Work 8:30-5:00
     Const. Meathods 6:30-9:20 (in Addison :( )

T: Work 8:30-1:00
    Const. Management 2:00-3:15
    Industrial Safety 6:00-8:00

W: Work 8:30-5:00
     Math 7:00-9:30

R: Work 8:30-1:00
    Const. Management 2:00-3:15
    CIS 4:00-6:30
    Management 7:00-9:30

F: Work 8:30-5:00 
    Photography 6:30-9:20

S: MAYBE Photography 8:30-2:15 (i might want to sleep instead...)

So... I really want to take that other photography class on Saturday....but I also want to sleep at least once a week....I've also never taken a class on Friday, and this is a Friday night.... so we'll see how that goes. Im betting on me being the ONLY student under the age of 40 in that class. Well after this I think I only have 4 more classes to go, then I'm a free woman. er, at least as far as associate's degrees go... hah. then I'll be shipped off to SIUE to acheive great things. ;)

and i officially have no social life.

should i take that Saturday class?
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