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Posted on 2006.09.01 at 23:19
Here's some pics I took over the past couple weeks...

First few are from the Signature Room bar.

He was waving at us :)

PLEASE feel free to click 2x on this one because you can't really get the full effect on some of these tiny pics :)

^Also, I think this is one of the best pics I've ever taken :)

These are from the Foo Fighters concert on Friday.
Frank Black opened, he was awesome. The whole concert was acoustic...amazing.

It was also at the Auditorium Building theater which was SO pretty.

On Sunday I got to meet David Carridine and Michael Madsen :)
I shook David Carridine's hand and told him I respected his work and he just smirked at me, he was very creepy but cool at the same time. Michael Madsen didn't allow pictures, but my brother and I got to talk to him for a really long time. He was telling Jake a story about how his son and his friends got arrested and pretended their names were Jake. He also was saying how he could tell we were related and blah blah blah. He was so badass. He signed my copy of Reservoir Dogs and drew a mustache and beard on Mr. Orange and said he was an asshole. haha. Jake got his Kill Bill 1 and 2 DVD's signed. Granted Michael Madsen and Mr. Carridine both seemed pretty drunk, it was still really fun. Michael Madsen was very personable and told stories to everyone that walked up, and David was quiet and weird, but pleasant too. We also got to see Kill Bill 1 on the big screen at Hollywood Blvd. It was pretty cool. :) :) :)

I just found a ton of pics from Pride too, I'll prolly post a few of those later, I'm gonna go watch season 6 of the Simpsons now. Time to relax :) Happy 3 day weekend everyone!

I finally decided that I'm going to officially minor in architectural photography. I've been playing around with the idea for quite some time now, but I really feel passionate about it :)

I took a really cool picture of the moon tonight, but I can't find it anymore :( i'll post it later if i find it.

also, please let me know what you think about the Chicago pics, I think they're pretty cool :)


Abe Hassan
burr86 at 2006-09-02 04:33 (UTC) (Link)
i <3 <3 <3 the first and the fourth pics, a lot. great view!
thegoal_issoul at 2006-09-02 04:42 (UTC) (Link)

Thanks :) It was an awesome view.
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